A multidisciplinary engineer MS from University of Miami, specializing in agile software design and development. Presently the Principle UX Designer at Key Lime Interactive with a focus on next generation imaging, human computer interfaces, customer journey mapping, and data driven user personas. Successful work history includes global digital marketing, product development, computer animation, video game development, and interface design.

Work Experience

  • Software Design: 14 yrs
  • Web/Application Development : 12 yrs
  • UX/UI Design : 9 yrs
  • Computer Animation : 6 yrs
  • Usability Testing : 6 yrs
  • Digital Marketing : 6 yrs
  • Biomedical Research : 5 yrs
  • Adjunct Professor : 3 yrs

My Toolbox

  • Sketch Digital Design

    The quickest way to create high fidelity digital mockups and component libraries. This tool is my bread and butter and I spend my spare time extending its capabilities.

  • Illustrator Vector Art

    Sometimes you have to get pixel perfect or get your digital notepad ready to sketch by hand. Illustrator is my primary tool for creating scalable vector graphics.

  • InDesign Print & Publishing

    The perfect tool to have full control over presentations. Everything you could do in powerpoint along with relevant capabilities from Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • Photoshop Image Correction

    A very flexible tool that I use for graphic design, photo editing, and quick conversion of creatives to HTML/CSS.  

  • Dreamweaver Web Development

    My website development tool of choice for writing clean HTML/CSS/JS code.  

  • Bootstrap Studio Responsive Design

    A great graphical interface for building quick mockups of responsive bootstrap designs. This tool combined with Sketch make rapid prototyping faster than ever.

  • iOS Design

    iOS guidelines provide a solid framework for usability and accessibilty across all devices.

  • Material Design 

    Google's design framework is a major part of my design strategy with it's scalable cards and tiles.

My Strengths

  • Digital Strategy

    Working as a teacher taught me that a good plan is the best weapon against uncertainty. 

  • Technology Forecasting 

    All technology dies without research and development. Knowing when to spend that effort is the difference between leading and saturating.

  • Critical Thinking

    As a multi-dimmensional engineer,  I'm well equipped to  provide a wide variety of electrical, computer, and industrial design solutions.

  • User Empathy

    Research and usability testing are critical components of user-based solutions. Nothing drives business like happy customers.

  • Ideation and Storyboarding

    As a highly visual learner, I use digital freehand and Sketch tools to create graphical storyboards to communicate the user journey.

  • Agile Execution

    I currently follow an Agile development framework to rapidly return deliverables each sprint and allow adequate time for adjustments.


User Experience Design

Responsive Design

Using Bootstrap, iOS, and Material Design guidelines, I created high-fidelity responsive design mockups using Sketch. 

User Personas

Using linear programming of large data sets with qualitative research, I designed a set of data-driven user personas. 

Customer Journey Maps

I've lead co-creation journey mapping workshops and created this example to illustrate my recent patient experience.

Story Boarding

One of my favorite ways for rapidly visualizing design requirements is live storyboarding with research participants.

User Experience Research

Qualitative Task Analysis

Used Time On Task, Satisfaction, and Ease of Use to provide visual color status of user experience during Out Of Box Experiences, In-Depth Interviews, and Focus Groups.

Quantitative Longitudinal Studies

Using a custom qualitative methodology called the Mood Meter, I was able to identifying the tasks that had the biggest impact on the overall customer experience.

FDA/HFES/Regulatory Testing

With formal training from AAMI and HFES, I provided FDA regulatory and 510(k) Usability Guidance for large corporations.

Eye Tracking

As an electrical engineer with motion analysis expertise, I provided technical and analytical expertise for eyetracking studies.

Marketing & Web Development

Advertising Tool Kit 

I designed this advertising tool kit (ATK) to allow clients to quickly download, customize, or special request advertising materials in a single portal.


This branded game was part of a comprehensive  global marketing strategy to introduce a new USB Flash drive.

Wordpress Development

Built from the ground up, I directed web development using WordPress and Drupal content management systems.


I used Augmented Reality as a means of bridging the gap between digital creatives and printed materials.

Product Development


Co-Founder of Trak, a digital platform designed to help users discover their career potential and possibilities.

Workforce Data Initiative

Active member of the Workforce Data Initiative, providing UX and usability consulting to optimize the available workforce data.

Miami Med Tech

Providing UX and Motion Analysis innovation for needs-driven and value-based medical immersive technology.


Architect and designer of Tappish, a responsive application to vote on and share matchups of images, audio, and video.

Teaching Experience

Adjunct Professor at the following institutions:

  • Florida International University, Aventura

    Masters level Journalism and Mass Communications

  • Miami Ad School, Miami Beach

    Interactive and Responsive Design (HTML5, CSS/CSS3, jQuery, Javascript); Motion Graphics (Adobe After Effects); Flash Animation, and Sound (version CS5, Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0)

  • International Art Institute, Fort Lauderdale

    Modeling, Skinning, Technical Rigging, Animation, and Production - Maya, Studio Pro; Web Development – Flash (Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0); Portfolio Development

Thesis Publication

The Spray Paint Graffiti Simulator (SPGS)

For my masters thesis I published a paper titled "A 3D Real Time Tracking Spray Paint Graffiti Simulator " which was used to create a hardware/software interface for non-contact art forms. I used gesture analysis, Vicon Peak systems, Motion Builder real-time animation, and Maya's MEL script to simulate the effects of digital spray paint.

Real Time Tracking

Equipped with a certificate in Vicon's BodyBuilder 3D triangulation and rigging language, I created a model of this spray can so its distance from the screen, position/rotation matrix, and on/off state could be captured in real-time.

Reverse Projection

This screen was built by hand using wax paper, wire, and wood to hang it in place while a DLP rear screen projector displayed Maya's environment on the screen.


  • M.S. Industrial Engineering, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL - July 2007

    Coursework highlights: Biomechanics, Robotics, Simulated Systems, Linear Programming, Supply Chain Management, Management of Technology

  • B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL - July 2002

    Coursework highlights: Computer Programming (C++, JavaScript, HTML, VHDL, Pentium), Digital Integrated Circuits, Electric Machine Theory, Wireless Communication